Tesco Controls has design and implementation expertise on virtually all instruments found in water and wastewater applications. We integrate instrumentation from popular brands such as Rosemount®, Siemens®, Hach®, ASHCROFT®, Khrone®, ABB®, Pulsar®, Magnetrol®, Druck®, PMC®, Square D®, Sparling Instruments®, Allen-Bradley® and others, in addition to TESCO-manufactured instrumentation. We provide calibration, start-up and maintenance services, and on-going support for your projects.


  • Electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic instrumentation
  • Custom instrumentation panels including plumbing, valving and wiring
  • Hazardous and non-hazardous location applications

TESCO Instrumentation

Tesco Controls has developed the following products to meet the unique needs of the water/wastewater industries: Opti-Float® Fiber-Optic Level Detector, Reactive Air® Level Monitor, Model APT® – Air / Water Pressure Transmitter, TransTrap® Surge Protection.

Opti-Float® Fiber-Optic Level Detector
Opti-Float® is an innovative level detection solution for combustible or other hazardous environments.

Reactive Air® Level Monitor
Continuous fluid level monitoring system developed specifically for the water and wastewater industry.

Model APT® – Air / Water Pressure Transmitter
The APT pressure transmitter provides accurate linear pressure sensing in ranges from 0 – 1.3 to 0 – 150 PSI.

TransTrap® Surge Protection
TransTrap is a 12-stage surge arrester for analog signal loop applications requiring maximum lightning and transient power surge protection.