SCADA-HMI System Development

Tesco Controls is one of the largest system integrators in the water-wastewater industry. With over 500 installed SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems nationwide, our clients benefit from TESCO’s vast experience with projects of all sizes, complexities, and scopes. As a total solutions provider, TESCO delivers customized projects from start to finish, including: system planning and design, engineering, SCADA development, programming, communication networks, panels, implementation, commissioning and support.

We adhere to best practices for cybersecurity and our systems have passed the Department of Homeland Security systems evaluations. Our SCADA systems are hardened against cyber threats by our teams before they are implemented in the field.

Scalable Systems

TESCO systems are designed to be scalable, using industry standards, to allow clients the ability to expand their systems easily and economically. We work closely with clients to establish project-specific standards and templates, which can then be used for future modifications and growth.

Rigorous Quality Testing

TESCO SCADA systems are subjected to rigorous internal testing and multiple quality control checks before being installed in a production environment. This serves to eliminate issues during startup and helps to ensure these critical systems function properly under all circumstances.

Collaborative Approach

Clients benefit from TESCO’s team approach to SCADA development. When you trust your system with Tesco Controls, you receive the collective experience of our large team of engineers and technicians, who are proficient with many different software programs, hardware, scopes and complexity. TESCO staff are certified in all major SCADA platforms and programming languages used in the water/wastewater industry.


  • Custom HMI development
  • System upgrades
  • System studies and analysis
  • Standards development
  • Project reports
  • Virtualization architecture
  • Virtualization solutions for legacy systems
  • Maintenance
  • Mobile access options
  • Data backup and disaster recovery systems
  • Custom configured data analytic tools
  • Geographically distributed systems