Tesco Controls maintains a superior training program staffed by instructors with years of industry experience and specialized training. We offer both project-based training at client locations and annual CEU-certified courses at our annual Open House and Technical Workshops.

Onsite Project-Based Training

TESCO’s instructors create project-specific training courses for each individual project based upon the furnished equipment for the project and the specific contract requirements. Typical classes include both operator and maintenance training. The individual topics of interest vary by project and range from general system familiarity to in-depth specific component troubleshooting and characteristics.

The training provides owner personnel with in-depth systems knowledge of configuration, troubleshooting, diagnostics, calibration, operations, and maintenance.

CEU-Certified Workshops

As a service to the industry, TESCO provides CEU-certified workshops semi-annually during our Technical Conferences in northern and southern California. These all-day events offer up to five workshop opportunities for participants to earn continuing education units. Workshops are taught by industry experts and keep participants current on the latest technologies and methodologies in the water/wastewater and transportation industries.